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...ok so feeling dumb. Just cancelled my recurring and paid the 45 bucks to own painter 2. My software showed there was an update which I applied. Now somehow ive got what appears to be painter and painter 2 on my machine and of course I just want painter2. Substance Painter, version 2.6.2
Build 1875 - 5224216d4421f1a7b8357d6cd38f280f3bf11453
 But also whats confusing is that when I go to download my software in my acct there isnt a painter 2 listed. Both Painter listed are jusr Painter. Do I no longer have Painter2? I had installed on my newer pc as I finally have the time to finish installing things...
It shows 28 days remaining. Does that actually mean anything? Nothing should expire.Sorry for your server because it seems I had mistakenly installed all my extra smart mats and mats in painter instead of painter2.
 alright I give. Thought i'd be smart and just save and copy over the smart materials content from painter to painter 2 but they wont because the mat versions are newer than the software but thats sp2 and the other was just painter. No clue what happened or what to do.
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If you just paid the $49 to keep a perpetual licnese. This gives you access to the latest release at the time of payment, which right now is 2017.4. The Substance Painter you see in your account is this, and this version is more recent than any 2.x you might currently have installed.

Thank you, embarassingly I hadnt noticed that the latest went from sp2 to just sp, sorry to waste you guys time.