Author Topic: Lost the Source window - its there in the start bar but not on the screen.  (Read 984 times)

I am not sure when this began exactly, but I suspect it was the 2017.4.1 upgrade that did it.  When i use the tool bar to open the Source inside of Painter it simply doesnt show up on either of my screens.  I tried changing the setting to identical in case it was just 'lost between' somewhere but it made no difference.  I know that the window is open because i can see the second bit next to the Painter icon on my start but clicking it does nothing.  If i hover my mouse over that little slice on my start bar i get ghost outlines where the window *should* be but nothing happens.  I noticed that in the little ghost it was slow loading, so I was sure to wait patiently to see if that was the issue but the ghost finally loaded but still refused to come to the fore or make itself visible.  What gives?

Ok lol Murphy is busy today, as soon as I posted that i was tinkering with the little slice on my start bar and noticed when right clicked i had a choice to maximize and that brought it  back up.  I am not able to recreate the condition where it stops showing again.  If minimized it pops right back up when the slice is selected.   I have no idea how it got there.  I am leaving my original post though because I would say this is a small bug somewhere.  I would expect that re running the app should have reset any minimization but apparently not.