Author Topic: Autodesk renders or substance  (Read 1022 times)

Simple question. Will I achieve better quality results using AutoDesk or Substance to render out maps ( Normal and etc.)

It depends on your technique and workflow to get those maps. There will be a marginal difference, but not major difference.
My old pipeline used to be like
Pipeline One :
Modeling in Maya/Max > Lowpoly>Highpoly>Take it into Xnormals> Bake Normals and other maps >I use photoshop as well.

Pipeline Two:
Modeling in Maya/Max>Lowpoly>Zbrush>Highpoly>Topogun>Lowpoly>Again Xnormals/Zbrush to bake maps>Photoshop to fix minor issues or adjustments.

Current workflow
Modleing in Max> Take both low & High res into Substance painter > Bake inside susbtance> Generate all map in one application.

When I am not satisfied with the result, I go try Xnormals, 3ds Max cage and whatever possible available option. All those methods are not time consuming. End of the day be your own judge to compare the result.

For ease of use, I stick to a pipeline.