Author Topic: More (a)peeling questions  (Read 496 times)

Hi guys,
this is my first post so please be gentle :)
I wasted almost a month trying to make this effect:

Tried everything that I could think of and frankly I am spent :( I am attaching my scrap book file also. It contains some of the (failed) experiments. The experiment 02 shows promise but I am stuck with the smaller cracks branching and bulges around it
This file also contains a fx-map that i made, it is not 100% completed but it gives you an option to distribute shapes based on a mask with some randomness. Feel free to use it, enhance it or whatever

Ok here is what I got so far: on yet another experiment I tried using the distance node (mask input only) on some blended complex noise which I ran through the Histogram Scan. So it turns out that this way I can use a mask to specify where I want some smaller pieces to be. The down side is that I cannot get luminance(color) variation on the pieces which is the only way that I can think of to make mask for some of the pieces to have more chipping variation in order to break that uniformity on the picture above. I tried with some custom nodes to make luminance random but it looks sloppy. if someone has some better idea please tell...
The another approach was a classic : make the cells using  tile random through levels and distance node in order to get  a color variation also but the down side is that I cannot control the size of some pieces using a mask. If someone knows how could I do this please tell.