Author Topic: Will the Substance Share Grunge Collection ever be added to Designer?  (Read 923 times)

I'm a really big fan of this collection and I don't see why it hasn't been added to the software yet. Every time I have to tediously place these files; it'd be much better if they're integrated.

You can quite easily add any nodes you've downloaded or made yourself to your library.
To open your library location, right click on any node in your library in designer and click on the red link.
The folder should be called 'packages'
Add a new folder inside the packages folder (name shouldn't matter), and put any custom sbs's and sbsar's in there and they will appear in designer after a few seconds.

Hey Eggfruit, thanks for replying though the question isn't "How do I place the files". I've been using them so I know.

The question is more about why Allegorithmic hasn't decided to add them into Designer opposed to leaving them on a sharing platform for the user to use them at hand when they are already so widely used for all intents and purposes. I've opened file after file where a map of this grunge collection was either included in the folder or sourced to a different location and that is very time-consuming.

Ah, fair enough. I though you had been placing them as a resource in each individual substance you're making. But I can see the frustration when working with other people's files.