Author Topic: Substance painter 2017.3.1 does not work after closing the app on second monitor  (Read 571 times)

To test it just close Substance painter on any second monitor.
Every time you close the application on the second monitor, you will never be able to start the program agian,it always crashing if you start the program trought the specific file. Example: mywork.spp

Now im having another issue related  to 2 monitor. Even open the main app using the luncher(not by clicking on specific files) the app try to start on second monitor and crash...

now i cant work on it because im stuck.
unistall and re install again is out of question.

where is the config file where is stored wich monitor choose on startup can you please say it to me?
dont ask for log file, the app crash and dosent let me send a bug report.

Have you tried turning off the second monitor and then opening Painter? If I do that then Painter will open on the primary monitor.

Yea thank you,
i tried before and it worked.

Kinda annoying, a lot of App have problem with dual monitor, and still i don't undertund why they didnt care about it.
i can understund for free apps like Krita, but apps that you have to purchacse... not so much.

Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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