Author Topic: strange bright artifacts  (Read 988 times)

Hello , this is my first time texturing with Substance Painter.

After importing my model from Maya i saw some white coloured artifacts appearing on certain parts of the model (see attachment).
Please can you tell me how to get rid of the artifacts?

Thank you!

Those are baking errors - too close to each other for baking rays to give you error free base materials.  Simplest fix is that you'll have to apply a separate texture set for the balusters and have a separate bake for them. (Even your big pillar bases have errors.)

Save memory if you just use one baluster, bake materials for that, and just instance copies.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply, ill follow your advice , the reason i decided to import all the balusters was so can have abit more randomness/variety on their texture by using the SP tools instead of looking identical, i know of course this is not the most efficient way especially for games.