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I am having issues with bake by mesh name.
I am exporting from Zbrush using the FBX export. I assume it exports the subtools with their names. So my subtools are named just like my objects in Max. I triple checked my naming convention and it is fine.

The baker is setup to bake by mesh name and I am still seeing projection errors from one piece to another.
Any idea? I am not sure if Zbrush is exporting correctly the subtools names inside the FBX but I cannot figure out a way to double check this since for some reason my FBX will open empty in max ( but obviously it is not since it does bake fine in Painter, expect for the projection errors afroementioned)


I may be mistaken but I think ZBrush does not respect your subtools names when exporting. As a general rule, I would avoid exporting FBX from Zbrush and stay with OBJ as the FBX exporter is pretty iffy.

Thanks Jeremie
Then this should look like this correct

Low Max file:
-----Exported as low.FBX

High Zbrush file:
A_high subtool exported as A_high.obj
B_high subtool exported as B_high.obj
C_high subtoolexported as C_high.obj

Is this correct
I think I have tried ans it failed but I can try again

Hi again. I tried the setup mentioned earlier and it failed again
I am still having projection errors / artifacts. Avoiding those, I guess, is the only point of baking in painter.
Any hint would be veeeery appreciated

Thge name matching looks at the mesh name inside the obj/fbx not the name of the file itself.
obj files are text files, so you can again easily open it and see what name ZBrush gave to your mesh, it the matching doesn't work, it's likely that zbrush renamed your subtool at export time.

I tried with obj for both low poly and high poly:

Low poly: object_low.obj (with sub meshes inside a_low, b_low_, c_low_
High poly: a.high.obj / b_high.obj / c_high.obj

I get fewer artifacts but there are still projection errors, even with bake by name

If anybody is wondering here are the key learnings for me here:

Obj is safer and easier to debug. FBX is more likely to generate issues
Problem was due to my version. Updating to 2.6.1 fixed it


Just to confirm, using OBJ for both hi and low seemed to fix the issue for me as well instead of FBX (Using 2017.3).

Not really sure if there's any benefits of using FBX over OBJ for Substance Painter/Designer. Does anyone know if it matters for the workflow between these 2 programs?

edit: I LIED. Still not able to use "Match by mesh name" with OBJ

edit2: FBX works, obj doesn't. It's working so I'm not going to jinx it. :X
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hehe ;-)
i would have wondered.

do you have a software like 3smax where you can rename meshes?

until now (read last line how i do it today) i did it this way :
1.Zbrush - name every Subtool  xxx_high
2.export using the zbrush fbx exporter -> all visible subtools as xxx_high.fbx

GoZ to 3d software
3. name every mesh xxx_low
4. export directly from 3d software to xxx_low.fbx

thats it :-)

the benefit here is that by using GoZ you can even do a UV arrangement in the 3d Appl. and play that change back to zbrush by GoZing back! (sure good for getting your UV changes stored safely into your Zbrush Project too).
Plus you can save a 3d Workfile from this session (a file with :renamed to _low plus UV layout).-Just perfect for later changes.

Sure you could do a subtool copy of each single subtool,name them xxx_low and export the high and low versions out of Zbrush- which can take forever when you have many meshes.

Or you get the "Zscene manager" to rename in Batch in zbrush! Excellent Zbrush Plugin.Check it out on Youtube.
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The matching by name will only work properly if a some setting are disabled on zBrush side when exporting OBJs, see :
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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