Author Topic: my experience with the "update resources" button  (Read 2637 times)

Iam used to defend substance at any point.

But honestly this resource update function is driving me nuts.
First thing, it is not selfexplaining - youre never sure what exactly the issue is and which item is meant exactly, as for example shapes (alphas) are no not named that way in the shelf.

Almost every single time i clicked on update resources my workfile got corrupted and the log prompts me about corrupted textures without ending.

like those:
[ResourceImage] Failed to load image content from file. (The texture has been corrupted)
whatever this crypto code means.In fact it would help us much more when it would tell us what texture is meant exactly or what the problem is.

Anyway, if you save after the update of some resource it is most likly to get a corrupted file which cant be opened anymore.

Every single time i try that button i get punished.

Sorry for that Allegorithmic - but that one sucks.Especially if it turns to give you all kind of weirdo troubles.For example i once was baking all maps of one texture Set (udim 13) again, and it just wouldnt bake the normal anymore - how strange is that?
Going back 1 file version baking works flawless.

PS: i have 19 Texture sets (udims plus 6 instances across 3 texture sets/ of some colors ect)

edit: i found out that even my autobackups give me an error message telling me it couldnt "write the image on the path
E:\caches\substance\autosave"  ( i have all caches on a M2 HD)

guess i found the issue of all my trouble ->

in some texture sets i deleted baked maps that gave me troubles - like "thickness" - (Polyhair doesnt need it - just gives issues).
This leads to SP shouting at me when ever it can - if you use generators that depend on thickness too.
Point is - sometimes you want features of a generator without the need of using the thickness map.

Is there a workaround for that?Should i kill the map inside the generator itself then?

Still i find the log not helpfull as its not clear what is meant to be missing.
It could instead quote that "a bake is missing for generator x to work".That simple.
Giving out a code for that map is not helpfull.
If you type that code into the "update resource" - search dialog - the map CANT be found  - as it..werent baked anyway.


What you are describing sounds like multiple issues.
Could you attach a log file ? See :

As for the log messages, we do our best to make them useful, but sometimes the error we report don't have any context, so it's hard to give more useful information than saying there is a error.
As for the strange number your mentioned it's actually the hash of the resource that allow us to identify it in a unique manner (as we can't rely on filename only). In your case it is a bit odd because we should indicate first the filename and then the hash when giving the path.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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