Author Topic: Substance Painter and Designer crashing on start up  (Read 952 times)

Recently my Substance Painter and Designer have been crashing on startup which I launch through Steam. I have read several different reasons for the crashes on the forums and have tried to fix it but no luck. I get the feeling it is as a result of either Windows 10 doing an update or a conflict of it updating through Steam.
My system is a custom built laptop specs are:

Intel Core i7-4710 2.5GHz 64 BIT
16gb RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M 8gb

Unfortunately it does not give me the option to generate a crash log when it does so all I can provide is the screenshots of it happening. Any help or advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated as I have lots of things to texture  :)


Make sure none of these software are running in the background:

I think I may of discovered the issue. Machine keeps trying to boot from intel graphics card instead of Nvidia card, which I will be changing in BIOS. Thanks for the speedy reply though.