Author Topic: Where did the Unity plugin go?  (Read 1853 times)

I'm so confused right now, I swear around a year ago there was a plugin button built within SD that published sbsars with correct Unity setup (i.e roughness in the alpha of metallic) but I can't find it now and looking online I can't find anything. Went through multiple chapters of 'Substance for Unity' official video tutorials. It's like it's vanished off the face of the earth. Was I dreaming?

This is how you do it manually isn't it?

So reading more into it I missed the part where you need to invert the roughness in substance designer. I get weird results, this is how the final roughness looks in SD (after inverting it);

Here is how it looks in the alpha channel of the roughness in Unity;

Check me on this, because I can't cite a source offhand, but I believe the built-in SBSAR support within Unity may now already take care of the channel mapping and inversion for you. I'm not doing those steps, and it's working correctly for me as of Unity 2017.2.

What I mean by the channel mapping being automatic is that I simply emit a "Roughness" output map from my material, with that channel being marked for the appropriate usage type, and it "just works" for me.

Again, don't take this as authoritative; I'm working from memory.

I think you're right, it is setting it up automatically but it's doing it wrong I think. Because the roughness map in substance always looks different to the roughness that gets placed in the alpha of the metalic texture.

Ok finally figured this out. I had an exposed parameter (uniform colour) that was unknown to me adjusting the colour (I had adjusted it in unity ages ago). Lesson learned, if something isn't working kill all exposed parameters.
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