Author Topic: WIP Light Study using Substance. Need support.  (Read 1497 times)

I'm trying to imitate this concept as a way to help get better at lighting in Unity.

Very early days but here is a blockout with no textures. I have a reflection probe at the front. My neon is made in substance and has area lights to help push it's neon onto the baked textures.

As a test, my substance floor (just grey for now) is set to standard>roughness setup. No roughness, no metallic. So as expected it's mirroring the neon etc as desired but without the same intensity as the concept. I've noticed that if I pull metallic from no metallic (black) to have some amount of metallic it starts to look correct BUT that goes against the rules, unless unknown to me that water=metallic when it comes to substance/unity?

Anyway, first things first. I want to nail that ground first but just want to understand how to deal with water puddles.

Update, starting to blockout the asphalt. I think there is a distortion of reality going on in the original concept, am realizing I'll need to create extra lights to get the reflections appearing where I want them to.

I might need to do some kind of vertex material blending to get rid of that tiling. Texture is already at 2K.