Author Topic: Geometry and procedural texture match  (Read 474 times)

There is a geometry-cube with square blocks. Solid Object.
There is a procedural texture with drawn squares
Can I proceduraly synchronize them?
Can I make texture squares to corrispond geometry squares?
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I say about substance designer ability to determine where geometry elevation exists and where it doesn't
It means if substance designer determines an elivation patch then it paints stone texture on it
Other places should be painted using concrete texture

You can do this, but it requires you to bake heightmaps per object.
For height information you'd have to make a height bake with a object that doesn't have the height differences. So just a simple cube in your case.
You can do this in designer.

A second option, which may be easier for simple objects like the one in your example, is to color the high faces of your mesh and making a color bake out of that. This way you won't need a second mesh. You can then use this color bake to create masks for your materials.