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I'm new to Substance Designer and I was wondering if there is some trick you have to do in creating Substance Designer files for use in Maya. I have 2 Substance files and one will load into Maya and show the outputs and the other just shows nothing. Is there something that needs to be set in the .sbsar file for this to work correctly in Maya?

Thanks for the help.

So I played around some more with this, it seems to have the same problem in Maya 2016 - 2018 and on both OS X and Windows 10. I am not familiar enough to see why one file would work and not the other. This also seems to happen with other substance files I have been testing, some load and some don't, more often than not they don't seem to load. What am I missing?

Did you updated the Substance plug-in for Maya?
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Yes I had done that but still no luck.

Yes I had done that but still no luck.

Hey michael.lentz,

Can you send the .sbs of the non-working substance to me so I can take a look? :)

Hi, thanks for getting back. I ended up rebuilding the file and it's working fine now.