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Hi fellas,
i want to save UV space and have UVS ovlerlaying.(gloves of a character which both share the same UVs).
I thought this might be a good idea as my character is non symmetrical.This way i could paint on one glove and have both painted at once.
Problem is that the baking results in artefakts in this case.Anyway to avoid this?
I know that game characters are using this method - but it could be they first make the UVs  + texture - then duplicate the geometry to the other side?

To avoid artefacts, move one of the gloves on the [1,2] UV space (1 UV unit to the right).
This will cause Substance Painter to discard it when baking, avoiding baking artefacts. You also won't be able to paint on it, but paint applied on the other glove will alos show on this one.

Hi Jeremie,
thanks for helping me out..again.

iam used to UDIMs but somehow iam not getting it.
when i move one glove to the next UV space - how would i be able to get it painted by only painting for example the left glove on Udim 1001?
As i dont have a symmetrical character :-) the character holds a staff in the left hand and something else on the other hand.

Ha if you are using UDIMs then that workaround doesn't work indeed and you will need to have each glove on their own udim with their own bakes. You can use the Layer instances feature though, so that work done on one glove gets applied automatically to their other glove in the other UDIM.

i see, there seems to be no other solution.
thanks for the tip with the layer instancing, i used it on another character heavily, but sometimes you dont see the right way.
this is a good idea, as i dont need any brushstrokes on the gloves, i just need different materials and colors like on a motorcyclist gloves.

thanks for checking back, keep up your good work guys.

ive just tied it again on the boots this time, also without success.
The strange thing is that i have 2 leather bands holding a blanket where it does work.
Zbrush workflow is the same.
First modeling one side,unwrapping it,mirroring it to the oposite side beeing one mesh with shared UVS (overlaying).
So on the leather straps it works  :o  , on the gloves and boots it does not.
All mirrored parts are one subtool /one mesh with sepearte Elements.
Iam pretty confused what the problem is.The normals point outwards on all Elements when checking in 3dsmax.

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