Author Topic: What if I stop my subscription for a month or two?  (Read 1367 times)

I"ve been in subscription for over a year now.  I am a personal user mostly use it for my own art at home.  I discovered that I don't use it everyday.   I usually have to model and sculpt my subject before going into the texture phase.  THat will take a bit of time a month or two depending on how lazy I am.  But when I get into texture phase I'll be using substance everyday.  So its like on and off each month or 2.   So I figure what if I unsubscribe it during my modeling phase and resubscribe when I need it.  What will I lose in that matter.  Will I still get all the updates when I resubscribe?

You can stop and restart your sub whenever and you will still get the latest version.
However if you have been on the sub for over a year, you can now get a perpetual license if you pay a $49 fee. That option will be waived if you pause and restart your subscription.