Author Topic: Is it possible to adjust the color/brightness of a layer (basecolor)?  (Read 1098 times)

I admit I haven't downloaded the lastest version yet // I have 2017.2.0
But in the meanwhile...

I am a beginner and I am doing some exercices. I've projected an image on my model with the proper tool (on the basecolor channel), but I find it hard to adapt it to my needs. After projected on a layer, I want to be able to adjust it in terms of brightness/contrast and hue/saturation, or it doesn't blend with the rest easily.
I can't find the controls to do it, if it's possible.


You can add a HSL filter to your layer. Add a new filter to your current layer and click on the Filter slot, this will give you access to all the available filters.

Oh cool! Many thanks. :D