Author Topic: Im a begginer in texturing (shaders), should i start with designer or painter?  (Read 5014 times)

Hi, im a 3D modeler, and im interested in getting into texturing and creating shaders for my own proyects and maybe grabbing a freelancer job here and there...
I bought the steam edition of substance painter, designer and b2m 3, and have been taking a few tutorials of painter and designer and from what i can see, i think that painter can be better for a begginer in this field but i would like to know the opinion of you guys before deciding on invesnt a heavy nunmber of hours into one program.

ps. i tried to learn mary but i find that the program is not very friendly (at least not as friendly as modo), and didnt last much, but i find substance to be better in that department.

I have stared using substance designer and painter a few months ago and was in the same position as you. You should learn both programs as they are both great, but the one I would recommend in your position would be substance designer, because with designer you can design materials for any object with the maps that you can export, and you are able to import them into substance painter. But substance painter would be more direct in terms of making a texture for a specific object, as the texture would be made towards the UV map of the object, as it is intended to paint specific modelled objects with the tools in the program (such as characters intricate objects), and you can also use in built materials to blend with others or your own materials to generate a map on a plane in painter which you could also export (but might not be tillable). But overall I would heavily recommend learning substance designer, it would be harder to start off with compared to painter , but once you understand the key fundamentals, you can go more in-depth in terms of material creation and it becomes a lot more easier to understand other concepts and it becomes fun to use. In terms of trying to learn it, watch a few tutorials in terms of making simple materials, but at the same time try to replicate the tutorial (also if you choose to follow this, don't be shy to mess with the parameters or nodes in the graph as you are following the tutorial, as it did help me understand how things worked).

I hope my comment isn't confusing and that it will help you in deciding which approach to take, as this is based from my experiences in approaching and understanding substance.

Thanks Kev GG...
Yeah for sure im planing on learning both..
Now that i read your comment i think i failed to mention that im planing to learn both, but im struggliung to decide on which program to learn first...
I have some generic knowledge about shading and less so about texturing, so i think designer may be less complicated for me (im pretty bad at paiting or sketching on a pc)... that was the reason i started with SP and get some technique; but your argument makes sense.. i think im gonna do that, and once im more or less comfortable in designer, will try painter again.

I find that the courses on allegorithmic site are pretty good for entry level, so im gonna stick with them before looking somewhere else...
Thanks for the advice.

I am a bit Confused :/
I really want to buy this amzing tool but i can't see the difference between the Designer Tool and this ? Is there some kind of difference for it ? Designer seems to be more of a Production Tool for me as it organizes stuff and Painter is to well Paint it ?