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Here's my first dabble with SP. I really love this program but so wish it had a lazy mouse feature.

Love it! Your made me jealous of you that your find time for work on it!

Thanks daniel_3DIM glad you like it!
I've been doing bits and pieces at work during lunchtime and over the weekend trying to familiarize myself with SP. It's definitely the way forward  :)

Hmmm... Good idea...
I guess I'll have to give up a few men-hour on Xbox... For more men-hour work on 3d!  ::)

Looking good! What is the resolution?

Thanks Käy.Vriend,
Texture resolution is 2048 x 2048. The image is just a screen grab from within SP with post effects activated.

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Looks neat! I could see that in the Fable games as well.

Really nice mate! Would love to see more about your workflow and how you made all the pieces. Also a render on the wireframe :)

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