Author Topic: .sbs not dowloaded when available?  (Read 2482 times)

Sorry if it's a newbie question, but in the Substance Source there are several substances marked as "SBSAR & SBS"; however, only the .SBSAR gets downloaded. Why is that? Thanks
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You need to click on the small blue "SBS" button right od the download button to get the sbs file.

Ah there it is, you first have to open the substance page and then you can download it. I was just clicking the blue button at the bottom right of the preview. Thanks.

Hi I'm also a super noob and am having a similar issue, except I get no downloads and nothing added to my asset library, no matter what icon I click or window I'm in. Can't figure this out, and support sent me to the forums, so any help/advice is appreciated, thanks.

- Actually to clarify, the 'free' ones do work and show up in assets. But nothing else, and I'm currently subscribed.

Disregard, tech support hot me back with a subscription issue.
Works now.