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Hi everyone,
I have recently got Designer and have been watching loads of videos on learning all the ways to create materials and textures but when it comes to exporting the end result out i get this error message it exports but when i try to import into painter and other software it fails to load it.

Any ideas to fix it?


This warning means your graph is set to absolute and not in relative to parent.
To change this, double click on the background of your graph to display its attributes.
Then change the output size for relative to parent. See picture below.

Leave it in parent x 1.
This is the setup we recommend to export your graph :)
QA Analyst

but i have a couple of graphs that are using absolute but changing them from absolute to relative to parent doesn't do anything and i still get the error.

If i were to create the graph from scratch and set relative to parent then it works, but i can't change them on other projects which is odd or is there a way of importing a graph with all my nodes in?

In my case, there has usually been one "absolute" node hiding in my graph that I kept overlooking.
So speaking only for my experience, it's always been "Me" and not Designer.
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