Author Topic: IRay CPU and GPU preference checkers are not persistent  (Read 1780 times)

Do any one have passed trought this? I select to use CPU on the IRay Settings and apply it and it don't work. GPU neither. And when I open the preferences window on IRay tab again it is unchecked...


Thanks upfront.


Can you send me your log file please ?
You will find it in Help -> Export log file

Thanks !

I just saw you bug report, so I will check all the files you sent and I will answer using your mail :)
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I had to update my nVidia drivers for iRay to work after updating Designer. (But I did see a "CUDA not supported" message).

Currently sitting with the same issue. Iray totally unresponsive and can't enable those settings. Did you guys manage to resolve this?

I've updated my Nvidia drivers and Iray is working totally fine in SP 2017.
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Hi all,

No, for the moment we have no solution for this.
I'm waiting for an answer from Vinipereira3_1.
Can you all provide your log file please ?

Thanks !
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Hi all,

The problem comes from a missing .dll.
We will try to fix this for the next release.
Downloading and installing this package should solve your issue until we fix this on our side.

Please tell me if you still have the same issue after installing the package.

Thanks !
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