Author Topic: University Dissertation Questionnaire - 3D Environment Art/3D Art for Video Game  (Read 615 times)

Hello all!

I'm currently in my third year on my 3D Animation & Games Development course, and I am in the process of doing some basic primary research for my dissertation project, which is to create a high quality 3D Environment for use in video games and potentially VR.

I have a questionnaire (targeting other artists in the field), and I would really appreciate it if you took some time to have a look and fill it out:

Thank you in advance!


Rank the following in order of importance, in regards to visually stunning video game environments
This is quite an impossible question to answer unless there is only one very specific artstyle you enjoy.
For instance, just to name a few, I really like the artstyles of orcs must die, hotline miami, horizon zero dawn and cuphead. They would all rank completely differently on your list.

Good textures (PBR)
. Like, really? textures are automatically bad unless you're specifically using a PBR workflow? That seems like a very broad assumption to make.
Esger van der Post.
Game design student and texturing addict.