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Hi guys,
I have a problem with the new plugin for 3dmax 2018. I installed it and it is like nothing happen on 3ds max. Do you know how can i solve this problem?

the sticky above is all notes about the plugin.

Can you describe the problem you are seeing a little more.

Hello. i got something wrong here. i instaled the first version of the substance to 3ds max plugin and works perfect but the 2018 version does not. so, i put the 2 substances on the slate material editor side by side to see which conector (metallic roughness etc) isnt working. So when i try to use the Glossiness from "substance" v-ray-material with the "Substance2" v-ray-material it works perfect!

The material im using is the  "Rusted Painted Metal" from the free section of the SUBSTANCE SOURCE.

I have the same problem, it seems that the glosiness map is not being imported correctly. It happens with different materials, I can't find out whats the problem but its definetely frustrating.

EDIT: Ok so Ivan if you havent found a fix yet you should put a color correction map between your glossiness map output and refl gloss from vray. Check the main topic in forum someone made a jpeg with the answer.
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Thanks man!!! works perfect now! you made my day!!

Hi All,

@Gollum : we had the same problem here today.
We installed Substance for 3dsmax 2018.4 and nothing happened in Max. (no Substance menu and impossible for us to load a substance material)
In order to solve the problem, we ran the uninstaller in 3dsmax's root folder (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018\SubstanceUpdaterUninstaller.exe)
Then we reinstalled the plugin in administrator mode and everything works fine now.

Restarting the installer again and again didn't solve the problem. (as it seems it doesn't uninstall existing version)

Hope it helps.
Cheers  ;)
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