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How do you cope with the fact that you cannot subdivide (subdivision surfaces) the mesh in Painter/ Export the textures with smoothed UVs?

I often have to texture models that will be rendered in Redshift, and have to be converted to subdivision surfaces in XSI to make them look smooth.

In 3D Coat for example you can temporarily subdivide the model upon import which counteracts the problem to a certain degree that a textured low resolution model will lead to texture distortions in the rendering app when that model is converted to a subdivision surface.

What do you do about that? Subdivide it before importing into Painter? That distorts the UVs in certain areas, and can lead to stretched/ distorted areas during texturing, especially at the UV seams. I have in some cases imported the Painter textures into 3D Coat and fixed the distortions there.

Do you just have to live with a certain degree of texture distortion? Create the model with medium resolution in the first place so distortions won't be as obvious?
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You should be able to pre-supdivide the mesh in your DCC app with the option to smooth the UVs or not.