Author Topic: Rsources/Tutorials for Smart Material creation ideology?  (Read 619 times)

Sorry the title is a bit butchered since my question was too long to fit into the subject field.

Are there any good learning resources/tutorials for the thought processes and techniques behind creation of Smart Materials?

I've noticed a lot of very nicely detailed Smart Materials out there and see the value and control and better results you can get by working from scratch to create a material. I've recently gotten into trying to create smart materials (Until now I've heavily relied on premade Materials) and I'm having a hard to going from a flat colour base layer through all those filters and generators, grunges, procedural, etc to get a nice, realistic result.

I am more of a "Learn by example" type person than a "learn by figuring it out brute force" and I've gotten some Smart Materials with Painter, bought some on Gumroad, etc and looked into all their layers in Painter to understand how it works, but I'd love to find a tutorial (Paid on Gumroad, free on Youtube, anything really) where some experienced artists can give detailed reasoning behind techniques, methodology, etc.

I've tried searching around but all I can ever find is either very short videos that explain the basics of what a Smart Material is, or videos that are just Material creation in Substance Designer