Author Topic: Texture by poly and mesh feature problems  (Read 1115 times)


I have run into a problem where when I try to select a poly or mesh on my model in Substance and add a material to it, it selects either the triangles that make up my polys on my model.

I included some pictures below because I know I am not explaining this very well. For whatever reason when I export a model out of 3ds max and into Substance it turns the hidden lines into extra selectable polys. Also I am not sure why when I group objects in 3ds max that it still selects my entire model in Substance Painter

As you can see, one picture shows the hidden edges in Max and the other in Substance. I don't think hidden edges are supposed to appear in Substance or turn into selectable polys...

Those "hidden edges" in Max are the mesh triangulation. All models are broken down to triangles eventually in the end (Unless it's 1995 and you're developing for a Saga Saturn), be it through your exporter or inside a game engine at the final production level.

The reason your model is going from quads to tris between Max and Painter is likely because you have your FBX exporter set to triangulate the mesh upon export. Turn that off

I am new to 3d modeling so I am trying to learn everything. I tried turning off triangulate and on or off it still gave me the same issue, I know I am doing something wrong in 3ds Max but I don't know what. I don't think my model ever had quads to begin with, it just looked like how it does in the picture, is that the issue?

I am trying to do is just paint my model through selecting the mesh but instead it selects the individual triangles.