Author Topic: Ability to Remove Specifc Imported Textures  (Read 21260 times)

When I'm working in external paint program and imported the texture into Substance Painter, I deleted the original texture and couldn't find an option to remove it from my library/shelf in the interface.

Unless I'm missed something, there needs to be a way to remove the texture that was imported.

The librayr/shelf are being worked on, next build should be interesting :)

can we delete a texture from the library/shelf now ?
me too! yesterday, I imported a map, and I don't want it anymore in my shelf
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Save your project, then go into File>Clean.
This insure you are not deleting a texture that's used in your project.

thanks Jeremie ! it works!  :)

Save your project, then go into File>Clean.
This insure you are not deleting a texture that's used in your project.

This is not working for me. I have textures that were from a previous bake that are no longer being used and they won't delete after running Clean.

Was your project created with an earlier version of Painter? In this case, some data may not be able to get removed.

I too would like to delete some materials that I suspect are crashing my painter.  I have 2.4.1 reinstalled again today.

Help!  When I navigate to the materials ( I created in Designer and imported into Painter) on the shelf "Materials" the program crashes.  I deleted every copy I could find on my local drives.  I even ran a detailed search in explorer to find anything with the name.  I think I exported them at too high a resolution. 

Using windows 7, asus x99 a 2, 6cores 6800k at 4.0 ghz, titan xp dedicated, 750tiSC for background apps, 3200 mhz 32 gig trident z.

What happened to this button?

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matthew grimaldi architect

Does this happen only with a specific project?

No, it was global.  I fixed it.  I found the files I made and deleted them.  I made them with x4 and no x0 relative to parent.  Remade them at 0 and it works now.
It would be nice to be able to delete them from the Substance ui though.

matthew grimaldi architect

can you just add right click any item and [remove from shelf]?

I have the same problem. I've placed new material in procedural section instead of section of materials. Hitting "delete" does nothing. What should I do?

Navigate to your shelf folder in the windows explorer and move the files from there like you would with any other file. You'll have to restart Substance Painter.