Author Topic: I'm very confused about multiple layers and export to unity  (Read 272 times)

EDIT- Tried to delete this post as i just realized i was calling "texture sets" layers. which is the wrong thing of course, and this topic is actually covered. Thanks anyway.

I'm texturing my first asset in SP, i'm not very knowledgeable about this side of things, I'm a 2d/3d concept artist mainly. I exported a mesh from zbrush with polygroups to aid in the texturing, but now when i try and export i get 4 textures files for every layer, so thats 20-30 files total. Reading online and it seems like i'm doing it wrong and should be doing everything w/ masks to keep it all on the same layer. I have a hard time believing theres no way to merge the layers for export, help please and thank you. -Mike
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