Author Topic: Substance painter 2018 steam + linux mint 18.3  (Read 1383 times)

Hi Everyone

im currently experiencing a problem where substance painter opens with and extremely low resolution UI and its just so big and impossible to use.

im using a
gtx 1060 6gb

This does not happen on my laptop which is running PeppermintOS


As we spoke in private conversations, this issue seems to be linked to Linux Mint, which doesn't seem to handle Hdpi correctly with Qt5 applications.

We support officially Ubuntu on Steam OS, but we don't make official tests on Linux Mint.

Head of Product Management

This is not the case though i feel like you didnt here me. I TRIED UBUNTU it did NOT work there are numurous posts on steam fourms asking for help and no one can help. so no its not linux mint. as ubuntu also doesnt work

It is infact and issue with 1080p dispalys on Linux in general it seems. Its this automatic DPI scaling the UI does

I cant accept its mint because if i run mint on my laptop its fine. Moment i plug in an external display it all goes to shit