Author Topic: Flood Fill node is not compatible with Unity.  (Read 3188 times)

Hi, maybe its me doing something wrong but i'm having troubles exporting my substance to unity (never happened this before). In this case im using one of the new nodes Flood Fill and i think that's the problem.

If i select SSE2 engine i found the same result than in unity (image below).
If i change to Direct3D 10 engine, all looks great (image below).

Hope this helps to solve something, or maybe to find my problem !
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I can't seem to find this anywhere in writing, but you're correct as far as I know. I think it has to do with that this node works only with GPU and Unity doesn't accept that. Definitely needs a source or dev confirmation though.

I hope they fix this asap, it's one of the best nodes by far !

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Yes, the flood fill only works with GPU and this is not a bug :)
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Thanks for confirming Celine!

Thanks for the answer :)

Is there a recommended workaround for the functions of flood Fill? Filling cells with random Grayscale weighting and random gradients is particularly powerful...

Saw that topic:
Then saw this one here. Now I am sad. :(

Any chance to see this implemented in Unity within the next few weeks? :D
I know I know, they are slow.