Author Topic: Bought Substance Painter 2018 on Steam and received Substance Painter 2017?  (Read 6942 times)

I just bought Substance Painter 2018 today on Steam, but when I synced my Steam account it told me that I can only download 2017.04 Version. What's wrong here?


Substance Painter "2018" on Steam means you will receive updates between November 2017 and November 2018 on Steam.

Substance Painter 2017.4 is the latest version of Substance Painter (both on our website and Steam), which was released on November 23.

You are thus to date :)

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Good to know, but honestly: This does not make any sense!!!
You advertise your Product under the name Substance Painter 2018, even the Shortcut to start the software is called "Substance Painter 2018" and once you start you figure out its Substance Painter 2017.04.

Why so confusing? Either rename your version to 2018, or sell it as 2017. But not a mixture of both.

I was confused about this myself. Steam makes it appear as though SP2 and SP 2018 are different products rather than an annual maintenance schedule. And maybe that is partly Steam's fault in the way it limits how developers can sell their product, but generally the way maintenance schedules are done is that updates are provided for free on some schedule (a year typically) from the purchase date. This guarantees the same product for each user regardless of when they make the purchase. Maintenance schedules based on a given year don't make sense because you've got purchasers coming in at different times and if the schedule isn't based on the purchase date then you can't guarantee each of them the same product. Anyway I'm probably making a lot of assumptions about how this works and it may still be based on the purchase date.. I hope it is anyhow.


Steam does not allow to have maintenance based on the purchase date, so on Steam the software will get updates between November 2017 and November 2018.

However, we allow you to link your Steam account to your Allegorithmic account: if yoh do this you will get a standalone license based on the purchase date.

For example, if you purchase on Steam on January 30, 2018:
- you will get updates on Steam up to November 2018
- if you link your account, you will get a standalone license with maintenance up to Janury 30, 2019

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This is confusing as hell. Why the difference in maintenance durations?
Buying on Steam January 30, 2018 should give you updates till January 30, 2019 - on Steam.
Why is it necessary to download the standalone licence to get the proper maintenance duration?

Because Steam's licensing API is not flexible enough to allow us to do that unfortunately.

Yep.. really confusing