Author Topic: baked lighting filter not supported by Instanced Layers?  (Read 494 times)

like title says, I tried using an instance on a layer with the baked lighting filter and I get a strange result. Not at all correct. Seems like it is not reading the approriate maps?

Anyway just thought you should know!

Can you share a picture, please?
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Here, The texture set 2 is for the arms.
The UVs are not stacked, all maps are baked for both texture sets.
There are two instanced layers, the "base skin" works perfectly, but the bakedLighting is where there are issues.
Moving the sliders of the Baked Lighting does nothing, the instanced texture set just stays full black.


If you put your skin and baked lighting layers in a folder and instantiate that folder instead of instantiating them separately, does it fix the issue?