Author Topic: Baking in Painter produces repeated maps?  (Read 936 times)

Hi folks,

I'm trying to bake low/high meshes in Painter but I'm facing odd results.
Both meshes were exported as .fbx (2013), Uvs are ok in the low poly mesh, Meshes and materials are named correctly (_low/_high) and I'm using default settings with subsampling t 4x4.
I've done this process many other times but at this time Maps seems to be repeated.
Does anyone knows what could be the problem?

Hey, could you provide your log file, please?
Log file procedure :

if you can provide the mesh it would be even better ;)


Sure Vincent,

There you go!

Download link



Works like a charm on my side: do you have the latest GPU drivers?

Thank you Vincent! 
Can you please point the correct drivers for me?
It's a real pain to identify the correct ones.
I'm on a mac using Osx Sierra.  My video cards are 1X 1080ti and 2X 980 ti.
Is there a way to check if it's working properly. 
I'm tired of trying to fix/ optimize Cuda Drivers properly.
Nvidia seems to care more about game users.

After discussing with my colleagues, it's a known bug on Mac with this GPU: you have to use the Apple official drivers to make it work properly.

Thanks for your efforts Vincent.
Still stucked with that issue which you can see attached.
Drivers are updated to its most recent version. (no more updates)
It's a real pitty because I've produced some really interesting images on my old pc. (attached)
I can't understand why it's so difficult to solve that!

So they are the official Apple approved drivers? (if so I'll create an issue for our QA team)

Exactly Vincent. They are official. SP also recognizes all cards, which is really weird. I just can't figure out what could it be.

Ok I'll create an issue for the QA team (BTW love your work!: do you have a portfolio somewhere?)

Is the last update fixed your problem?

QA Analyst and Technical Artist at Allegorithmic

Hi Damien,

The issue was the GPU driver wasn't working properly in Mac OSX Sierra, therefore I'm only using SP on my PC.
Anyway thanks for your reply.