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If I buy the Indie Substance - Annual Plan right now it says with possibility to get perpetual license for $49.  Is it possible to buy the annual plan then spend $50 to upgrade to perpetual or do you have to wait 12 months and then pay the next years sub to get the perpetual license?

You will only be able to pay the remaining $49 at the end of your 12 months.

Thanks Jeremie

Just same question, but after I pay for annual plan and stop at anytime, and pay 50$ for license. Does this license mean I get both Painter and Designer or just one of them? I read the faqs and couldn't find anything about it.



If you are under the annual plan, you can actually stop at anytime and pay $49: you will then get a license of the software included in the subscription on the day of cancellation with a maintenance up to the end of the subscription.

If you are with monthly payment, you would need to wait for 12 months though to cancel.

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But when I cancel annual plan on secend month and buy licence would I be able to download materials from "Substance Source" on the rest months up to the end of maintaince?

Yes: if you are with annual plan, you will get 30 downloads per month for 1 year, even if you cancel it.
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Thanks, so I bought an annual plan. Regards