Author Topic: UV Stretching Issue  (Read 4286 times)


I wonder, is there anyway to avoid stretching issue without changing the model?
I export the mesh with the smooth preview activated in maya and put a random material on it in Substance.
This issue occurs no matter if I change the projection to triplanar etc.

In mari, I was able to fix it, but I would prefer working in Substance Painter for this project.

Would love to get some help from you guys :)

You'll have to adjust your uv's to better match your smoothed model, or add support loops in your model around the stretching faces to keep them from moving so much when smoothed.

Okay, thank you! That was my guess. Btw: In Mari the preview looks fine, but the exported texture stretched as well in the final Render. So the conclusion is: there is no way to tweak the textures if the model/uvs are bad like that.  :-\