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When i only want to add some heigth detail to a layer i disable all channels but the height channel. Then, when i drag a grunge texture into the height textureslot it changes to substance material mode. Is this normal, or a bug? If it is normal what's the purpose of this action?
Because whenever i want to replace the grunge texture with another texture i can't because the texture channelslot is gone. I have to press the 'X' as the tooltip discribes to get the textureslot back again. but... This activates al the other channels again.

Hope you can help me with this question.


This I what works for me:
1. Add a fill layer and enable only the height channel.
2. Change the height value to non-zero
3. Add a Black Mask To this layer.  You can paint White on the mask to affect certain areas with height OR
4. Add a Fill in the Black Mask
5. In this final Fill, drag your texture which will serve as the Mask pattern for the height channel.

This works great for me too. I also like the ability to adjust te heigth scaling in the main fill layer.

Thanks Boddie!