Author Topic: Pre Purchase questions: Texture Sets, Seams, and workarounds?  (Read 1588 times)


Im looking onto purchasing SP and am demoing the software right now.  I have a human split into 4 textures sets as its called in Substance, they are basicly UDIM tiles.  Now Im painting skin, I set a base level general skin which I put all layers into a folder then set it to instance across all texture sets, only a solid colour shows on other texture sets unless I choose to make it a smart material.

Second problem is seams, I can see this being the deal breaker for me as im hand painting skin that must be seamless but its far from that.  Trying to hand paint at the edge of the seam between the neck and head just dont work, so what do you do?

I think its awesome software from my first impressions, but the inability to paint across seams is one huge factor thats making me hold off purchasing it.

Thanks, Dan

They are working on painting across TextureSets, right now it simply isn't possible. Put the seams where they won't be visible, if thats not possible there is not much you can do but try to match it somehow manually, or modify the finished textures in another app (e.g. in 3D Coat).

Instancing does not work for manual paint strokes afaik, there is no way Painter could know how to apply the strokes to the new objects.

If painting across TextureSets/ UDIMs is essential for you right now , use Mari or 3D Coat.
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This is a well known limitation of Painter at the moment! Unless painting seamless humans  all you do all day I'd suggest you give Painter a chance in the many other things it's very good at (mechanical, clothing, props, etc). But yes, painting seamlessly accross UDIMS is something it simply does not do (for now).

Thanks for your replies.

After giving painter a demo for a day I decided that despite that limitation it still has many features and abilities that Zbrush dont have so I purchased it.  So far it seems to be a very flexible tool to get some nice results fast, and it works well with Vray, and should get me nice results for Marvellouse Designer.

Thanks, Dan