Author Topic: Specific Substance Not Working  (Read 2156 times)

Hey, so when I try to bring in this substance, it seems to fill the entire material with just the middle of the texture (the gap between the tiles). Adjusting the roughness of the gap adjust the roughness of the material, so that's why I think that. All my other substances are working fine, but for some reason this one won't. Wondering if anyone can try bringing it in their project really fast and checking to see if it won't work for them either, or if it's just a problem with my computer.

You might also see material appears to create chunks of it (and possibly even black areas around it) This is possibly related to UE4 itself. You should report it to Epic. It seems their material part is a bit messed up in some places. (btw, I didn't try your material. I'm just adding a point of view to other strange things going on in UE4) So please excuse if my post isn't adding anything of value.

I have noticed this too on my machine. I am forwarding this info along so we can get a resolution for you

Hi, the issue you are having comes from a bug in the Substance Engine used in the integration (using the CPU), the default one used in Substance Designer is GPU based. Would it be possible for you to send the source sbs files to for us to check whether it's a know issue or a  new bug ?