Author Topic: Does the clone tool clamp normals?  (Read 4326 times)

I've been using the clone tool to fix up seams from photogrammetry for some time. It appears that on projects that require a lot of clone brush strokes, the normals get altered. Maybe clamped, maybe altered, I haven't figured it out. When it does happen though, it happens to the entire layer though, not just the brush strokes. Which also seems weird. Disabling the clone layer reveals that the normals are not what they originally were, and the viewport pictured shows that this is just the normals; not normals + hieght.

I'm hoping somebody can identify what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it. Right now, Painter is my primary source for photogrammetry cleanup as I can clone all maps consecutively. But if there is another software that can do this and preserves my normals, I'd be happy to hear suggestions.

Shamefully bumping this. Would really like to know if anybody else is having this issue

Which version of Painter are you using? Please attach a log file.

All my photoscanned tiles were created using a previous version but I just replicated the error using Substance Painter 2017.3.0. It's much, much more subtle here but still apparent. Not sure if it's something that worsens with brush strokes or if this version is less destructive, but I'm still getting clamped normals globally and not just on areas touched by the clone brush.

Nothing in the log looks out of place either.

We can't help much without an actual log file that will give us inofrmation on your ahrdware, drivers, etc.
Can you also try to update to the latest version? 2017.3.3 or 2017.4.1 if you have access to it.

Forgive my ignorance, but where do I go to access the actual log file? I'm pretty uneducated on Substance's system files.

Thanks for the help, Cyrille.

I downloaded 4.0 and had the program crash each time I applied the clone stamp. Might have been a reported bug that was fixed for the next update? Anyway, here's a 2 min video chronically my setup, if anything looks out of place:

As for Substance 4.1, the clone tool works along the seems mostly fine, but the closer I get to the center of the project, the tool just stops working. Not sure I understand that. Here's a log file:

And regarding the problem I originally brought up, I have saved over the original file while trying to replicate it above. But here's another example of a project with pretty egregious normals. It was made in Substance Painter 2 and reopened in 4.1 and I've attached the log:

With 4.1 not allowing me to clone the middle of my project, the wonky normals seem to be the least of my worries.
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This issue with the clone tool that stops working depending on the location is unheard of. Is there any way you could either share your project or record a video of the issue?

Here's a video and log of the clone tool not working based on position. It's just me playing around but it looks like it might be based on brush size as well? I'll let more informed heads handle the diagnosis though, and PM you the project
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iam a complete noob to Photogrammetry capture cleaning, but i know what you try to achieve.
I recently saw a video from a guy at ubisoft and saw that he uses a paint layer on the main Fill (that main fill contains all your bakes).
And he sets that paint layer to pasthrough/all channels to pasthrough.Maybe you can try this instead a toping layer?Could be SP has a problem with that.