Author Topic: Confusion upgrading from SP1  (Read 1304 times)

I purchased Substance Painter on Steam years ago and recently picked it back up to complete a contract. The tool is just amazing and so I'd like to upgrade to 2018. However, the purchase page on my Allegorithmic account doesn't make it clear which version the upgrade is for.

The purchase page shows only "Upgrade to Substance Painter - Indie license (from SP1)" for $50 marked down -34% from $75:

Is this an upgrade to SP2 or 2018?  I appreciate the help!

-- edit --

Shortly after posting this I learned that "Substance Painter 2018" is not actually a version but a maintenance schedule. SP 2017.4 is the latest version. You guys really need to work on making that more clear because Steam and everything else I've seen makes it appear as though SP 2018 is different from SP2.

I think understand now that the $50 upgrade on my Allegorithmic account will get me a download link to the latest version (2017.4) and the 2018 maintenance, is that correct?
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