Author Topic: Brush hardness control, opacity and lazy mouse, colour picker  (Read 8075 times)

1. One of the powerful feature that photoshop cc has is the ability to control hardness with cursor.  Simply alt+up down is the hardness control, left right is the size control .  Substance painter do have the size and flow control on the cursor but not hardness.  In fact there has no way to control the hardness unless I change to another alpha mask of the brush

2. The way how nice in photoshop about opacity and flow control of the mouse is that with opacity, I can get some quick and easy brush strokes like oil paint for stylize hand painted textures.

3. Mudbox and Zbrush both have lazy mouse.  Its great for creating line work, stitches and decals.

4.  Im not sure maybe I have missed but a colour sampler or colour picker is a must.  Especially if im creating hand painted textures .

You can control the hardness in the advanced mask options (hidden by default). It is not ideal and will probably change in the future.

You have a color picker available with the shortcut P. This will pick the whole material on the object.

oh, got it.

No mention of the lazy mouse?

Please could we have a similar feature. It would make me a very happy man!!!! :)