Author Topic: Substance Designer -> Uniform Color -> Output Color Bug  (Read 3152 times)

Hello, found a strange behavior, that i would call a small bug. Probably not a show stopper but a thing to fix certainly. Posted here because didn't found another thread to post it.

Steps to recreate bug:
1. Create "Uniform color" Node
2. Select it and, change "Output Color".
3. Change Color by clicking on the palette
4. (Important) click outside the color picker. It will disappear and you wont be able to able to open it again on the "Output color" unless you select other node and re-select this one.

1. Only happens if you chose a color. If you click outside the color pic it wont disappear/close.
2. It wont happens if you close the picker on the "x".
3. After a few tests it happens on: "Fx-Map" node,  "Transformation 2D"... It seams it happens on every node with a color picker.

Thank you for the fantastic Software.

Just noticed that posted it on the wrong subject, please move to "Substance Designer -> Product support"

The color picker window is not "always on top", so when you click on another window, it drops behind, but it isn't closed (that's why you can't reopen another one). Agreed, we should make it "always on top".