Author Topic: Materialize Contest: Sergey Danchenko - Optical Fiber Self-Illuminated Cloth MDL  (Read 6565 times)


This is my entry for the contest :).

I was looking for something special and something that will harness the power of Iray and MDL. Decided to go with an optical fiber self-illuminated cloth material. It is a material made from specially fabricated optical fiber wires. Regularly, the light shouldn't leak from optical fiber, but for this material a large number of laser cuts are being made on the fiber, so the light would leak out along the length of a wire producing beautiful light sparkles and streaks.

The material is made as a MDL driven by Substance graph. Images were rendered using IRay with displacement mapping. As it's basically all glass, there's A LOT of refraction on this material, so it was a challenge on itself to render it out.  ;D

On Artstation:
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