Author Topic: Substance Painter 2 Update  (Read 1271 times)

I got very confused about licencing substance painter.
-I have bought substance painter 2 on Steam
-It was changed by You to Substance painter 2017 (currently 2017.3.2) Which is  no longer supported by Your maintenance (ended 30/09/2017)
-I started painter today and it asked do i want an update, and then downloaded 2017.4.0 but standalone - not steam verssion- What is this ?
-There is a new entry on steam called substance painter 2018 which is now discounted for 356zł (around 100$) which is the price for completely new software
-There are also some promised coupons on steam but not delivered - what are these ?

I am completely lost by it all.
What should i do (or is there a way) to get steam version of painter with a year of upgrades for the price of upgrade ?


Substance Painter "2018" is the name on Steam for all the updates between November 2017 and November 2018.
Buying Substance Painter 2018 on Steam is equivalent to purchasing a maintenance for 1 year on our website.

There will be some vouchers on Steam to purchase the upgrade at discounted price, however Valve didn't issue those vouchers yet. This should happen sometimes next week.

Head of Product Management