Author Topic: new instancing feature question - custom masks - SOLVED  (Read 782 times)

Hi fellas,

i saw the live stream about the 2017.4 featurs and tried it out right now.
So far so clear about instancing folders.
But in the video one guy requests what might be what iam trying..

I want to have an orange fill layer across 3 texture sets on choosen parts only.
Ans i cant paint masks on each instanced layer i wont be able to control the areas where the color has to be.

Would the only solution be to use an ID mask to choose parts?
I guess this means i have no chance to custom paint some areas.Like an orange strip on the body and an orange strip on the head?
In the video it sounded as this is not possible yet.

-edit - ok i found how to do it :-D

-create folder
-put layer inside (instance it across the texture sets).
-put a mask on the folder and enjoy.
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