Author Topic: Materialize Contest - JJEVERSON - Ford 021C-Marc Newson  (Read 8143 times)

Just need to pack it all up, based on the Ford Dash by Marc Newson. Hope you guys dig it, will distribute for free on my website soon with more detailed breakdowns, it's super fun to change color palettes!
Mattershots ref:

Entry image:

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Looks great, very realistic  ::)

Ill be really surprised if you dont win this one :D.

Thanks guys :) I would be surprised if I won! There are many awesome entries, and I'm sure some we haven't seen, so much good stuff :)

I'm going to attempt to attach a gif here... lets see if it works, just showing off some of the tweakable perimeters

It's also up on, thanks again for looking! Will upload to substance share soon if anyone is interested, cheers!