Author Topic: "Annual licence / 12 month maintenance " : SPainter  (Read 817 times)

Hi all ,

I bought an Indie licence of the substance packaqe in end of june 2017 ( so it was said one year maintenance etc ) and in september , it was the last update of substance painter I was allowed to access  .. if I want more update I need to pay another time ..

Why is it said "one year licence" if 3 month later we can't access new updates ?

thanks by advance

If you bought your license when we had just setup the maintenance system, you should have 1 year of updates indeed. If you can't access tomorrow's 2017.4 update, please send us an email so we can figure out what went wrong.

thank you Jeremie :) .  Yes I bought an Indie package in end of june 17 .. no sure if it was before or after your maintenance system , but it was said that it was a one year maintenance licence updates .. not 3 month ^^  ( but I still can update SDesigner .. only painter seems to have this problem )

ok I'll send you a mail .