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So I did about seven different Materials which ended all in some dead End.

Maybe I will post a few of them if I find time, the ones more advanced are the ,,Alpha Wood Planks,, and the ,,Fish Scales,,.

For now I've been working the past couple days on this Material.

I think im pretty close with the base noise details on the Material and the Big Substract Shape ( still needs another Line and a bit of warp, maybe refining the edges)

also struggling with the tertiary holes and setting up a pattern that resembles that very natural warpy pattern that flows into another.

Lets see where I can take this in the next days especially with Parameters in Mind!

Looking forward to your Feedback!



Render in Marmoset:


PS: How can I make upload Images on here? Doesnt show an Imgur Preview either atm
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Hey! This looks really impressive, you've got the roughness and albedo spot on.

Will plugging in some Directional Warps help you create the patterns that flow into one another?

Also, I believe you need to do your final render in Iray.

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** Edit: to add an image, you just drag and drop it into the text box.

For me, the drag-and-drop works in Chrome, but not Internet Explorer.
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AND...  Nice work.  :)
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Thanks for the input Guys!

Now I feel bad for it being so easy...

So here's a Render of the Planks I did, abandonded the Idea since it felt to easy for this challenge, already had parameters and stuff and just needed tweaking I think but it was too simple.

Yeah directional warp seems to be the way to go, I currently plugged in two different noises to warp these shapes but still looking wrong.
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Current Setup for the tiny and middle big shapes ( Substracting those Shapes from a Unfiorm Color - the Mask is a Linear Gradient with the Big Shape substracted )
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