Author Topic: Baking, file size and Renderman questions  (Read 1261 times)

Hi everyone,

These are kind of newbie questions. this software is so much fun to use, but just wanted to know:

1. When I import my mesh and do the bake, I get his error in the log:

[Baking] Baking failed (Color Map from Mesh)
Could not find vertex colors in mesh 'polySurface1'

Is this an issue I need to address before progressing further with my project? Or can is be ignored? 

2.  Is it normal to have a Substance Painter file size of 537 MB when I just saved my file? All I have created is 2 layers, so the stack is pretty empty. I expect when I start to work into this that the file size will be huge. Any info here would be greatly appreciated :)

3.  Has anybody here created textures to be used in Renderman 21.5 and Maya? If so, what would your preferred preset be?



ou should be able to ignore this error and still be able to bake properly.
Regarding the size, the initial size is large due to the bakes + the final textures being stored in the project.

Thanks for replying Jeremie. I just thought that the filesize was huge for such early stages of my project. It will probably be gigabytes when I add more to it!

I was hoping someone could give some help on another question.

When I bake textures at the start of a project, does it really benefit me to have the output size set to 4096?

It's just that I notice a bit of slowdown when adding/editing materials.

Would having this set to 2048 be ideal, while still maintaining good quality?

Thanks, Paul